Historic News as Current Media

Hello everyone,

This was a project on bringing old newspaper articles into the current age. We did a 4 part assignment and this is the video portion. If asked I can provide the others if the interest is there.



Thank you all again.


– Justin


One thought on “Historic News as Current Media

  1. shaggzfate Post author

    Assignment 6 Sportscast Script


    Tune in live tonight as we cover Lou Gehrig’s legendary speech as he says goodbye to the world of baseball.

    Feature story

    Today marks a sad day in the world of baseball as legendary pinch hitter and first baseman Lou Gehrig spoke about his career during the July 4th double header. The Yankees honored him by naming it Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day. Many of the Yankee’s finest including Babe Ruth were there to pay homage to Gehrig.During the celebration Gehrig said that he had considered himself the luckiest man on Earth despite being diagnosed with ALS a month earlier. He thanked his fans for their kindness and support over the years, and gleamed at his chance to play the game he so loved. Baseball’s legend was allowed to leave the game on the grandest stage possible, saying goodbye to 60,000 fans in person and many, many more around the world. He ended with “So I close in saying that I might have been given a bad break, but I’ve got an awful lot to live for.”
    Baseball will forever miss Lou Gehrig.


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