New Header

Hello once again,


Today I’ve added a header for the blog for Web Editing. I’ve had to make a few adjustments as the name of the sports marketing group was taken, but I’m really happy with what I’ve come up with. The image used for the lightning is creative commons, and the information can be found here:

My logo was designed to both be the header and brand after mulling it over. I feel a simple text graphic is the best way to move forward, and it provides an element of continuity as I will further the brand. I used the Digital Anarchy font for the dark grey text at the top and the Billion Stars font as the bottom red. This gives a nice contrast in colors, but also styles. I feel it shows both the gritty and sophisticated side of sports. The lightning was added to build on the name, but it isn’t necessary for the logo its self. I feel this element can be used to further stylize the online site, providing a unique feel for our potential clients and customers. 

Thank you for your time,



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