For Sports Media Revue Only

Used to show different Media used to generate revenue for a team. I own no rights to the image used, only as a demonstration of my knowledge from my Sports Media class.


Historic News as Current Media

Hello everyone,

This was a project on bringing old newspaper articles into the current age. We did a 4 part assignment and this is the video portion. If asked I can provide the others if the interest is there.



Thank you all again.


– Justin

Sports Broadcast Analysis

Hey everyone,

This is my project on analyzing Sports Broadcasters, I’ve chosen the Bronco and Steeler game from last night. I get nervous early on, but it’s ok, as I continue on I’ll get better. I’ve also noticed that you can move the video off screen and still record, which will be a blessing for me as watching myself talk seems a bit too conceited.


Thanks again everyone,




Hello everyone,


My name is Justin Ebright and I’ve been a dedicated sports fan for all of my life. Due to circumstances beyond my control life has lead me down another path as of late and I needed to figure out what I could and wanted to do for the rest of my life career-wise. That choice came easy once I really thought about it and found my degree program at Full Sail. 

My aim is to provide my full and unbiased opinion on the world of sports as I see the stories unfolding. I want to add my voice to the already noisy background that is sports media. Through writing and other media forms I’ll carve out my place in the world of sports and will keep striving till I earn my ultimate goals.

I look forward to having everyone share my thoughts that I share and look forward to any comments or discussions that you would like to hold. I’ll try to get back to everyone.



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