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Welcome to Rockin’ Pro Sports

Hello there,

By now you have been interested enough to find out what exactly we are about. What our plan is for the future, and our goals. Well, I can’t share that all with you of course, but I’ll let you in on what I can.


First, the whole concept is to add a more personalized media outlet to get to know your favorite players beyond sports, including interests: Movies, Music, TV shows, and much more.


Next, we want to focus on a marketing program once we establish our brand in the eyes of both the consumer and clientele. We look to continue to build upon this method of personalization as we search for ways to bring you closer to the athletes and the sports you love. This will hopefully give you a unique look into the business of sports as well.


Afterwards, we look to represent the players themselves, as we move onto running a sports agency. This will give athletes the voice they want as they move forward with their careers, allowing them to play from the heart. This will also allow us to focus on more than just money and business as usual as we search for teams, sponsorships, and endorsement deals.


Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy,


-Justin Ebright