Welcome to Rockin’ Pro Sports

Hello there,

By now you have been interested enough to find out what exactly we are about. What our plan is for the future, and our goals. Well, I can’t share that all with you of course, but I’ll let you in on what I can.


First, the whole concept is to add a more personalized media outlet to get to know your favorite players beyond sports, including interests: Movies, Music, TV shows, and much more.


Next, we want to focus on a marketing program once we establish our brand in the eyes of both the consumer and clientele. We look to continue to build upon this method of personalization as we search for ways to bring you closer to the athletes and the sports you love. This will hopefully give you a unique look into the business of sports as well.


Afterwards, we look to represent the players themselves, as we move onto running a sports agency. This will give athletes the voice they want as they move forward with their careers, allowing them to play from the heart. This will also allow us to focus on more than just money and business as usual as we search for teams, sponsorships, and endorsement deals.


Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy,


-Justin Ebright



Sports Integration Visuals

This presentation was made as a form of potential marketing mock-up for a future sponsorship deal with a sport and prospective sponsor. This is not a real deal, it was done for a school project.


New Header

Hello once again,


Today I’ve added a header for the blog for Web Editing. I’ve had to make a few adjustments as the name of the sports marketing group was taken, but I’m really happy with what I’ve come up with. The image used for the lightning is creative commons, and the information can be found here:

My logo was designed to both be the header and brand after mulling it over. I feel a simple text graphic is the best way to move forward, and it provides an element of continuity as I will further the brand. I used the Digital Anarchy font for the dark grey text at the top and the Billion Stars font as the bottom red. This gives a nice contrast in colors, but also styles. I feel it shows both the gritty and sophisticated side of sports. The lightning was added to build on the name, but it isn’t necessary for the logo its self. I feel this element can be used to further stylize the online site, providing a unique feel for our potential clients and customers. 

Thank you for your time,


Traditional Media

The first form of Media Rights I’m going to illustrate is official licensed clothing.


As you can see, this is from the NFL’s last jersey deal with Reebok, but clearly shows the authentic rights patch up in the upper right hand corner. (I know it’s upside down, but I folded the jersey to make a smaller and easier to see photo). The NFL and it’s teams only offer a limited number of official clothing makers and designers. The patch is meant to show that it’s an authentic item, and not a cheap knockoff, which has been becoming a huge problem lately.

The next form is actually the Recreation Rights via video game.


The NFL holds absolute right in recreating the game, players, teams, and stadiums, only allowing officially licensed companies the ability to do so. As we know, EA is the official sole owner of the NFL video game rights at this point. However, just like the jersey, the game has an authentication sticker, to prove that it’s real and not a forgery to help both customers and any person who is looking to make sure rights are not viloated.

Lastly, I’m going to cover Photography rights.


During the late 1980’s David Boss and Bill McGrane traveled all over the NFL to take some iconic photos and tell a behind the scenes tale of the NFL with this photography book. The NFL is very picky about it’s photographical rights, and maintains the right to seize and reclaim any un-authorized photos. This book is a stunning example of what good can come from maintaining the rights and working the proper way.

As always,